Young and Dumb Brothers Arrested for Suspected Terrorist Plot

Two brothers were arrested at the United States/Canada border last fall and were charged with committing a hoax related to terrorist activity. Lucky for them, they finally had their day in court and ended up being released!

Bailey Roy, 21, and Damien Roy, 22, both pled guilty to their little hoax, which amounted to a charge of obstruction. They were sentenced to time served, however, and were allowed to leave. The Crown in Canada also dropped the terrorist hoax charge.

The Judge called the incident stupid before releasing the brothers and wishing them good luck.

What in the world did these brothers do, you may ask?

In October, the brothers brought a car, but didn’t have legal documents for their purchase. They planned to drive it to Canada without having to stop at any U.S. gas stations because gas was significantly cheaper in Canada.

They filled 21 jugs with gasoline, which were then placed in the backseat and trunk.

However, they didn’t logically think their return trip through and had no GPS, so they plotted their route home with paper maps. They ended up planning to cross back into the United States illegally through Maine, because they didn’t have passports or IDs with them, so they found this road that didn’t have a border checkpoint.

That didn’t work out too well, though, because they didn’t read their map correctly and ended up at a different border crossing, which happens to be one of the largest checkpoints in the area. They quickly realized their mistake, in their car with no license plates or tags, along with no identification and immediately froze.

Instead of driving towards the checkpoint, they stopped right in the middle of the road, which clearly caught the attention of the two officers with the Canada Border Services Agency.

The officers attempted to talk to the brothers to see if they were OK, but they got “absolutely no response” and the brothers just stared straight ahead. The officer tried to open the driver’s side door, but it was locked. That is when they noticed all of the gas in the read of the vehicle and immediately knew something was up.

At this point, a U.S. drone got involved, along with police dogs. The border crossing was shut down for 12 hours and all traffic was barred for entering or leaving.

The boys still clammed up and for 6 ½ hours, the officers attempted to figure out what was happening with them. They simply didn’t move!

Eventually, they finally drove the car to the border crossing, stopped, and exited the car. They were immediately arrested.

Bailey was turned over to Canadian officials, but Damien attempted to claim asylum in the U.S., which resulted in his detention there for a month before he was finally handed back over to Canada.

Once the Roys were both in custody, police found all of the gas cans, along with maps and food and immediately got suspicious for what the men needed all of the gas for. Their first thought? Terrorism.

The brothers swore they had no intention of committing a terrorist act and had no political motivations, they were just trying to save some gas money.

Neither brother had a criminal record and once the story finally came out, the judge simply couldn’t believe how dumb the men had been.

“This was more stupid than it was criminal,” the judge declared.

The men both left court in the same clothes they were arrested in and declined to comment upon their release. The good news? They saved 10 bucks in gas fare…

Original article and Image Credit: ‘More Stupid Than It Was Criminal’: Judge Frees Halifax Brothers Involved in Border Standoff