Women Fugitives Taunt Police to ‘Do Ya Job’ on Instagram After Georgia Thefts

When are criminals going to learn that social media is NOT the best avenue to boast? These three women found out the hard way by taunting the police on Instagram and are now facing felony warrants!

The Indiana State Troopers listened loud and clear when the social media post “do ya job ‘expletive’” was posted. The women are accused of several thefts in the state and got what they wished for!

The police spotted a car that was driving at an excessive speed on the Indiana interstate and the chase was on! The women didn’t stop when they saw that they were being pursued by police (which is always a smart move), but eventually the police were able to take over the vehicle and the women were arrested and booked into jail.

Toni Huizar, 23, was driving the car. Amber Dunlap, 27, and Tiphanie Sager, 26, were along for the ride, but are in big trouble, too! The car they were driving in ended up having a substantial amount of credit cards, checkbooks, social security cards and ID cards that didn’t belong to any of the occupants. It appears that they broke into several vehicles to obtain their stash and also have felony warrants out for their arrest in Georgia, as well!

All three remain in jail in Indiana and will face extradition to Georgia. They face possession of stolen property in Indiana, while Huizar faces an additional charge of resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.

We sincerely hope they enjoyed their little Thelma & Louise time out on the open road, because it looks like they won’t be free anytime soon for another joyride!   

Original article and Image Credit: Women Taunt Police to ‘Do Ya Job’ on Instagram After Georgia Thefts – They Did