Woman Demands Drinks From Cockpit, Flight Turns Back to Texas

Passengers aboard a flight to L.A. from Dallas didn’t quite make their destination, after a woman went up to the cockpit demanding booze… twice! After the second time, the flight ended up returning to Dallas to have the woman handled appropriately.

Suzette Gordon boarded the plane already a little tipsy and was “displaying various signs of intoxication” according to the police. She ordered an alcoholic drink as the plane departed, but the flight attendants refused her.

Soon, she left her seat and began knocking on the cockpit door! Maybe she thought it was a small door to the bar?

When Gordon finally returned to her seat, she banged her head on the overhead cabinet, started yelling and being unruly and, of course, kept asking for that drink!

Eventually, she got up a second time to head down to the cockpit, but this time, the flight attendants and pilots were over it and turned around.

Police officers were waiting for her when she departed the plane and she told them that she only had two glasses of wine before boarding. She was charged with public intoxication and we want to meet her bartender.

Original article: Flight Turns Back to Texas After Woman Knocks on Cockpit Door Demanding Booze

image credit: Dawn Sobieski