Woman Assaults Nephew After Falling on Goat

Another crazy story coming out of Florida! A woman is facing battery charges for physically assaulting her nephew after she fell on top of a goat, while being a just a little bit tipsy.

Police were called to the scene and talked to a man who told them that his aunt, Jan Strickland, came inside a barn on the property to hold a goat. But because she was so drunk, she ended up falling on the goat instead. Her nephew tried to get her out of the barn, but apparently, she didn’t like that very much… shoe struck her nephew in the chest three times and shoved him into a barn stall door, before fleeing the scene. The nephew’s wife witnessed the whole thing.

Strickland was located by the police near the barn, but was not alert or responsive. Once she woke up, she became combative and attempted to strike the cops, as well.

She was arrested for domestic-violence related battery and was transported to the local jail, where she is being held on $250 bond.

Original article: Woman Charged with Battery After Falling on Goat

image credit: picjumbo