Wealthy Woman Claims Driveway is Too Long; Asks Drunk Driving Ban be Lifted
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Leave it to a rich woman in Europe to try to work her way around the law… like lifitng a ban to be able to drink all she wants and drive! She is currently facing a drunk-driving ban, but claims her driveway is too long to reasonably be expected to not actually drive down it with her car. Talk about first world problems!

As expected, there was laughter in court when Barbara Woodward, 56, had her lawyer insist she would struggle to continually walk the quarter of a mile from her house to the main road to get a ride. Clearly, she would need the drunk-driving ban to be lifted so she wouldn’t have to walk from her mansion to the end of her driveway!

The lawyer also asked that Woodward be spared from any unpaid work, since she had never had a job before and it would clearly be “out of her depth.” Poor Mrs. Woodward!

Doing the unpaid work, or community service as we call it here, would “put her in an alien surrounding” since she had never worked a day in her life.

The court wasn’t all ears, as they found her guilty of drunk-driving and banned her from being behind the wheel for two years. They did, however, spare her from the community service.

This all started when she had been caught three times over the last year driving over the limit. However, every time, it was the gas station attendants who called the police, as she was struggling to get gas every time. That gave us a chuckle! Oh, and she was also driving her $79,000 Mercedes G-class 4×4.

Staff at the gas station called the cops after she was slurring her words and stumbling when she was buying wine at 9 in the morning.

While she had denied driving drunk, she was also ordered to complete a 12-month community order and was also fined and ordered to pay court costs and surcharges.

We’re not too worried about her, though. It shouldn’t be too hard for her to find a chauffeur for the next couple of years!

Original article: Rich Widow Pleads for Drink-Drive Ban to be Lifted as Her Driveway is ‘Too Long’

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