US Lottery Worker Charged With Fixing Draw

Uh oh! A former information-security director for a lottery vendor in Iowa is being charged with tampering with lottery equipment before buying a ticket that would win $14.3 million!

Eddie Raymond Tipton, 51 was arrested and charged with two counts of fraud earlier this year. While his job banned him from playing the lottery or claiming any lottery prizes, he is being accused of enlisting the help of others to claim the millions.

While the defense maintains he couldn’t have edited or accessed the data, the prosecution would have none of it. They claim that Tipton’s co-workers say he was obsessed with computer programs. He also allegedly changed the time on computers in the room where the drawings take place.

Coincidently, the ticket that was to bring him the $14.3 million went unclaimed for almost a year. And wouldn’t you know it… hours before the ticket was set to expire, a mysterious company incorporated in Belize attempted to claim the prize through one of his friends.

The prize was never released since those behind the mystery company never gave their identities, which is required by Iowa Law. The claim for the prize was soon withdrawn, but not before officials took notice.

All roads led to Tipton, who claimed he was visiting family in Houston, TX, when the ticket was sold, so he couldn’t have had any part of it. However, phone records indicate he was still in Des Moines when the ticket was purchased. They also discovered he had frequent phone conversations with one of his accomplices in on the act, too.

Another nail in the coffin was found when it was discovered that Tipton rented a silver 2007 Ford Edge, which matched the identify of the vehicle of the buyer they have on video who bought the winning lottery ticket. Workers also claimed that Tiptons voice and mannerisms matched those of the man shown in the video who bought the winning lottery ticket.

Tipton was finally arrested and charged with two counts of fraud, which could be punishable by up to five years in prison, along with a fine of anywhere between $750 and $7,500.

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Original Post, image and video: Prosecutors: Evidence indicates lottery vendor employee tampered with equipment



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