United Airlines Pilot Arrested After Standing Naked in Airport Hotel Window
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Imagine this United Airlines pilot’s surprise to be facing criminal charges of indecent exposure! Why? Because he was standing naked in the window of his 10th floor room at the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport, but had no clue that he was on display for everyone in the main terminal to view!

“I’m not disputing the fact that I was standing naked in front of the hotel window. But some witnesses said I was dancing, gyrating and waving. I’m completely innocent and it’s really unfortunate that it happened at all,” Captain Andrew Collins, 54, said in a statement.

Collins, a 22-year veteran of the airline, knows that people gave different accounts of what happened during his stay at the hotel. One TSA officer told the cops he could see Collins touching himself and waving at him, but Collins is adamant that it is absurd and he’s never been arrested for anything else in his entire life.

Others have reported that he did open the window to his hotel room, which overlooked the hotel plaza in full view of the public, and stood there fully nude, exposing himself to the general public. But Collins swears it wasn’t out of malice.

Collins reports that he had been awake for more than 30 hours and was simply getting ready to take a shower after he was done talking on the phone. “It was a beautiful morning and I opened the curtains to my window. I couldn’t see the terminal and had no idea I was giving everyone a view,” Collins says.

While he was on the phone, someone started pounding on the door of his hotel room. Soon, several police officers loudly announced their presence. When he opened the door, the cops had their guns drawn and Collins was handcuffed and locked inside the airport jail.

Currently, United Airlines hasn’t suspended Collins, but they have removed him from his duties pending a review.

Collins isn’t taking this lightly. He has hired a well-known attorney, who has done his homework.

“From this hotel room, you can’t see people going about their business inside the concourse. The concourse windows are tinted green and are opaque and reflective. It looks like a green wall or mirror,” Attorney Craig Silverman said.

However, it’s not the same for those inside the main terminal.

“Unbeknownst to my client, you can see into the Westin rooms, but the distance is such that you can’t see much other than a human form. My client had a reasonable expectation that no one could see into his window. He was unaware of anyone looking at him as he focused on his important phone call while walking around his room. There is zero evidence of any sexual activity demonstrating an intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desire of any person,” Silverman continued.

The lawyer further said that the police entered the room without a warrant and is confident that the DA will dismiss the case.

We have a feeling this pilot will be staying away from hotel windows for quite some time.

Original article and Image Credit: United Airlines Pilot Faces Indecent Exposure Charge After Standing Nude in Front of Denver International Airport Hotel Window

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