Thieves’ Scheme to Steal Pot Turns into Hilarious Flop
8 Oct, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

A group of teenagers thought they were making a big score when they drove a van into a medical marijuana dispensary to steal some pot! Imagine their surprise when they realized it was only oregano!

Witnesses saw the teens steal containers of what they thought was marijuana. However, when the owner of the store came in, it was confirmed that no medical marijuana was actually taken. It was just oregano! The dispensary keeps the real stuff in a locked room and only fills containers with oregano for looks. Smart!

The teens fled in a getaway car once they had what they wanted (which wasn’t what they wanted at all!). The cops spotted the car close by, where it hit the police car and continued on driving.

While no injuries were reported, the teen thieves managed to outrun the police and have yet to be detained.

Similar incidents have been reported in the area, as well, but it’s too early to know if it is the same suspects, or just some teenagers trying to copycat what they thought would be a fool-proof scheme.  

Sounds like they would have been better to sprinkle their big “score” on pasta, rather than trying to smoke it!

Original article: Oregano Containers Fool Smash and Grab Thieves at Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensary

image credit: pixabay

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