The Safe Was Empty. Under It? A Body.

A man found an intruder in his home recently, but the robber was already dead after getting trapped under the family’s 900-pound safe!

George Hollingsworth, the homeowner, made the shocking discovery the day after he reported being robbed to the police.

After getting robbed and noticing a few things gone, he did a more detailed inspection around his house to look for more stolen items. That is when he found the suspected burglar already dead under the safe.

The floor safe was in his garage and had been lifted by a jack, but apparently was knocked over when the robber went to move it. With the safe weighing more than 900 pounds, the robber never had a chance.

“Hollingsworth began cleaning the clutter in his garage to see if any items had been stolen. Upon cleaning, he found that his antique floor safe weighing over 900 pounds was knocked over. Upon further inspection, he found a body lying underneath the safe,” the police said in a statement.

The local Fire Department helped to lift the safe and remove the body, but authorities have yet to release the attempted robber’s name.

An autopsy will be conducted in the near future.  

Original article: Man Finds Suspected Burglar Dead in His Home, Trapped Under 900 Pound Safe

Image Credit: Photo by Jacob Campbell on Unsplash