Man Asks 911 to Call Donald Trump on His Behalf, While Being Chased By Cops

This man in Florida evidently has a “close friend” in President Donald Trump! While he was being chased by police, he called 911 and asked the dispatcher to contact the White House so he could speak directly to the President. “We made a deal,” Aric Frydberg, a marijuana suspect, said of his relationship with The […]

33-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested 32 Times

His mother must be so proud! This 33-year-old man has accomplished what some may call an amazing feat, being arrested 32 times! Willie Goldsmith was stopped on Sunday during a traffic stop. After a positive alert from a police dog, deputies searched the car and found a Red Bull can under the center console. Inside […]

Man Busted with 41 Pounds of Pot in His Trunk

Police in Maine discovered a massive amount of marijuana in the trunk of a car. Oleg Spektorov, 29, was charged with aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs and unlawful possession of a “schedule X” drug. Police said they pulled over the car because of a broken taillight and smelled an “overwhelming odor” of marijuana. During a search […]