Woman Assaults Nephew After Falling on Goat

Another crazy story coming out of Florida! A woman is facing battery charges for physically assaulting her nephew after she fell on top of a goat, while being a just a little bit tipsy. Police were called to the scene and talked to a man who told them that his aunt, Jan Strickland, came inside […]

Driver Runs Over Himself While Fleeing From Cops

A man from Virginia is being charged with driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana. While those are serious charges, how those charges came about is what has us laughing. Isaac Bonsu, 30, was pulled over by cops, but he was not going to go quietly! Before stopping his car, he got out to make […]

Streaker at Golf Tournament Says “It Was Totally Worth It”

A man recently streaked on the 17th green at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. While he says he’s “embarrassed” and “regretful,” he seemed to quickly change his mind, then saying “it was worth it” because it made people laugh! Adam Stalmach, 24, was arrested after the incident in late January. He spent five days in […]

Grandma Slips Past Security at Airport, Flies From Chicago to London

Grandmas do the darndest things… A 66-year-old woman in Grayslake had a bit of a history of attempting to sneak onto airline flights and she managed to do it again recently from O’Hare International Airport to London! Marilyn Hartman boarded the flight on Sunday without a ticket and made it all the way to London! […]

Illegal Four-Wheeling Leads to New Truck Getting Stuck and Frozen in Mud

A couple buddies decided to test out their new four-wheel drive Chevy, but ended up getting a bit stuck in sand, ice and mud instead. But that’s not even the worst of it. The lake tends to go dry in the winter, so people think they can head over and go four-wheeling. But it’s particularly […]

Drunk Driver Fined $1,000 For Ordering 200 Chicken McNuggets and Swearing at Staff

Things got pretty bizarre in this McDonald’s drive-thru recently! Kole Olsen, 30, pled guilty to one count of drunk driving that stemmed from a night earlier this past month. He decided he needed a bite to eat before his final destination, so headed to McDonald’s, where he ordered 200 chicken McNuggets at the drive-thru. Clearly, […]

Woman Offered Tap Dancing to Cops to Get Out of DUI

We aren’t quite sure why this woman thought that a tap dance would get her out of a DUI arrest, but it clearly didn’t work! Honore Ryan, 59, was pulled over for driving with her lights off and admitted to drinking a bottle of wine. She failed a series of sobriety tests, and in a […]

‘Idiots of the Century’ Swim into Croc Trap

Who knows what these men were thinking in Queensland when they decided to go for a swim into a baited crocodile trap… where a recent fatal attack had taken place. It’s no wonder why the local mayor called them the winners of the ‘idiots of the century award!’ The men swam around and climbed into […]

Couple Admits Fleecing Amazon Out of $1.2 Million

This couple from Indianapolis pulled the ultimate scam and admitted to stealing more than $1.2 million in various items from the online retail giant, Amazon! Erin Joseph Finan, 38, and Leah Jeanette Finan, 37, have pleaded guilty to mail fraud and money laundering. Both charges carry maximum 20-year prison terms and $500,000 fines. They also […]

Family in Colorado Dealing With a “Mad Pooper”

It’s safe to say that this runner continues to come in “turd” place! A Colorado Springs family has been spending weeks trying to get to the bottom of “The Mad Pooper” mystery! A woman keeps defecating right outside their house on her morning run! Just. So. Wrong. Turns out the kids in the family caught […]