Man Asks 911 to Call Donald Trump on His Behalf, While Being Chased By Cops

This man in Florida evidently has a “close friend” in President Donald Trump! While he was being chased by police, he called 911 and asked the dispatcher to contact the White House so he could speak directly to the President. “We made a deal,” Aric Frydberg, a marijuana suspect, said of his relationship with The […]

Grinch Woman Yells at Santa in Mall That he’s Fake

Sounds like a scene straight out of Elf! A woman, an adult woman – just to clarify, lacked some serious Christmas Spirit and got up in Santa’s face at a mall in Toronto, challenging the authenticity of this particular Santa. Talk about poor Santa being faced with a Grinch-like visitor! The woman went on a […]

Woman Demands Drinks From Cockpit, Flight Turns Back to Texas

Passengers aboard a flight to L.A. from Dallas didn’t quite make their destination, after a woman went up to the cockpit demanding booze… twice! After the second time, the flight ended up returning to Dallas to have the woman handled appropriately. Suzette Gordon boarded the plane already a little tipsy and was “displaying various signs […]