Apodaca Bail Bonds Donation Drive & Fundraiser

Apodaca Bail Bonds is hosting a local fundraiser and collecting donations for El Paso‘s nonprofit organization, You Eat I Eat. Join us September 22nd to support You Eat I Eat, which provides food to poor and low income families, Veterans and any citizen of El Paso, Texas. For each pound of clothing and shoes donated, […]

Woman Assaults Nephew After Falling on Goat

Another crazy story coming out of Florida! A woman is facing battery charges for physically assaulting her nephew after she fell on top of a goat, while being a just a little bit tipsy. Police were called to the scene and talked to a man who told them that his aunt, Jan Strickland, came inside […]

Grandma Slips Past Security at Airport, Flies From Chicago to London

Grandmas do the darndest things… A 66-year-old woman in Grayslake had a bit of a history of attempting to sneak onto airline flights and she managed to do it again recently from O’Hare International Airport to London! Marilyn Hartman boarded the flight on Sunday without a ticket and made it all the way to London! […]

Man Walks Into Random House Without Pants, Wearing Heels

Someone invading your home is scary enough, but add to that a stranger with no pants and a pair of heels probably makes it even more frightening! The man walked in wearing only black high heels and a tight black t-shirt. Surprise! Justin Paul Christodoro, 39, a respectable attorney in town, no less, walked in […]

Man Dies in Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident, Raises Awareness About Helmet Safety

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that one of our clients has passed away. He was a very sweet young man with a very loving family. We send our deepest condolences to his wife and family; we are so sorry for your loss. We would like to bring awareness of the importance […]

911 Called Over Halloween Display

This house went a little above and beyond decorating for Halloween! So much so, that neighbors ended up calling 911 and the house was visited by first responders! So what was the fuss all about? One caller, Johnny Riddle, told the 911 operator that he thought he was looking at a dead body in his […]

Florida Men Tried to Steal a Huge Utility Pole After Hurricane Irma

We all heard about the unfortunate looting that happened after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But these two Florida men may have taken the cake after Hurricane Irma. Cops arrested two men for attempting to steal… a utility pole! They strapped it to the top of their SUV and were just about ready to leave when […]

Suspect in Gas Station Robbery Forgot One Important Item

You would think that if you’re going to go to the trouble of robbing a gas station, you might want to make sure you have gas in the getaway car! But this guy didn’t, which got him busted pretty quick. Sean Harris, 33, didn’t only forget to fill his car up with gas before he […]

Man Escapes Police, Then a Shark

A man in North Carolina thought he’d be smart and run into the ocean to hide from the cops. Who wouldn’t think swimming away in the OCEAN would be a great way to get away? Zachary Kingsbury, 20, was pulled over by the cops and had illegal contraband inside the vehicle. When the police asked […]