Florida Men Tried to Steal a Huge Utility Pole After Hurricane Irma

We all heard about the unfortunate looting that happened after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But these two Florida men may have taken the cake after Hurricane Irma. Cops arrested two men for attempting to steal… a utility pole! They strapped it to the top of their SUV and were just about ready to leave when […]

Suspect in Gas Station Robbery Forgot One Important Item

You would think that if you’re going to go to the trouble of robbing a gas station, you might want to make sure you have gas in the getaway car! But this guy didn’t, which got him busted pretty quick. Sean Harris, 33, didn’t only forget to fill his car up with gas before he […]

Man Escapes Police, Then a Shark

A man in North Carolina thought he’d be smart and run into the ocean to hide from the cops. Who wouldn’t think swimming away in the OCEAN would be a great way to get away? Zachary Kingsbury, 20, was pulled over by the cops and had illegal contraband inside the vehicle. When the police asked […]

Owner ‘Stunned’ After Stolen Car Is Found 38 Years Later

Talk about coming back from the grave! A blue Peugeot 104 was stolen back in France in 1979 and the owner thought that she would never see it again. Boy was she wrong! 38 years later, the French police pulled it from a murky swamp, and it was surprisingly in good shape! Turns out the […]

School Bus Stolen, High Speed Chase Pursues

It’s not everyday that you see a bus being stolen and taken on a big chase through two counties! It was like a scene out of “Speed!” A bus was stolen from the home of a bus driver during an early-morning run of burglaries in a neighborhood. Authorities later received a phone call from a […]

Sneaky Troopers Create Disguise to Nab Speeders

Drivers on a Pennsylvania road got quite the surprise when they drove past what appeared to be a Department of Transportation worker, but was actually a state trooper monitoring their speed! The cops claim 25 people were cited and four others were given warnings as a result of their sneak attack. It was all a […]

Priest Blames Child Porn on God Making Him Lose at Poker

We’re pretty sure it’s not a good idea to blame God for anything, but when you’re a priest, it’s definitely a no no. This prison-bound priest swears he only uploaded child porn to his computer to get back at God. What did God do that was so bad you ask? He made him lose his […]

Drunk Driver Hits 17 Cars in Attempt to Park

A man was eventually arrested on DUI charges after he hit 17 parked cars at an apartment complex. That’s right… he tried parking his own car (terribly might we add) and managed to hit 17 others in the process! Tony Futch, 25, was arrested and booked on the DUI charge, but not before he caused […]

Thieves Steal 22 Tons of Nutella

Things in Germany got a little interesting lately after a gang made off with 20 tons of Nutella! As a result, police have warned anyone who may be approached with the option to buy large quantities of the chocolate spread to report it and for chocoholics to be on their guard. Pretty serious stuff! The […]