Store Owner Tells Robbers to Come Back Later… so They Did
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There can’t be many robbers that could possibly be this dumb… Apparently there are in Belgium though! A group of robbers walked into a store with the intent to rob the owner. But the owner insisted that they come back at the end of the day… and so they did!

When the six robbers initially entered his store to rob the owner, he spent about 15 minute befriending them and making them feel comfortable. While the robbers were trying to get physical with some pushing and shoving, the owner insisted that if they came back later in the day, they’d be able to score a much bigger cash amount with the store being busy all day long.

As soon as the robbers agreed to this deal, the store owner called the police. Of course, the cops thought there was no way these robbers would come back. An hour before the store was scheduled to close, the robbers returned, but the owner said he still had some time to close up. They walked out, the owner called the cops, again, and when the robbers returned a third time, it was all over for them.

The police were ready for their return and were at the back of the store, ready to catch them when they demanded the day’s earnings. “It’s like a comedy,” the store owner said. “They’re being called the worst robbers in Belgium.”

All six were immediately arrested.

Original article and Image Credit: Belgian Robbers Asked to Come Back – And Arrested On Their Return

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