Stinky Thief Arrested After Homeowner Identified ‘Stench’ Of Burglar
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Who knew that not taking a shower would get this bad guy caught by his accuser!

Barry O’Pray, 35, broke into Ryan Boyd’s home and stole game consoles and equipment worth nearly $1,000. Luckily, though, Boyd remembered seeing the known alcoholic and drug addict, along with an accomplice, sitting near his home on the morning of the break in when he was on his way to work.

But he mostly remembered the horrible smell that nearly choked him as he passed by the man with an unforgettable body odor!

So when he returned home that night to find his home broken into and smelled the same nasty smell in his house that he smelled that morning, he immediately knew who the thief was. That’s a long lasting odor!

Ryan called local games stores to see if the thieves had pawned what they had stolen. As it turns out, the two had been in there just a few minutes earlier!

Surveillance video was then obtained from a shop nearby and Boyd was able to identify O’Pray from the footage as the man he could smell in his home. Boyd was soon arrested and taken to a local jail.

Boyd soon admitted his guilt in court and said that they had targeted Mr. Boyd’s home earlier this year.

His accomplice, Scott Carnochan, pleaded guilty to a charge of reset – handling stolen goods – after he created an account in Games Centre, which allowed O’Pray to pawn all of the stolen games they had taken.

Carnochan didn’t show up to court, however, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

O’Pray was also from a well-known criminal family and was known to be abusing alcohol and illicit substances.

The judge called for backgrounds reports to be prepared on O’Pray before his final sentencing, and was to remain in custody until his sentencing. We’re hoping for his fellow inmates that he will at least take showers on a regular basis!

Original article: Stinky Thief Snared by Honking Armpits After Homeowner Identified ‘Stench’ Of Burglar

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