Star Student Turns Out to be an Imposter

Turns out school officials who thought this 18-year-old was too good to be true were right!

Asher Potts was quite an accomplished senior. He had a perfect grade point average, took all AP courses and had an excellent record of community involvement. So when he enrolled in the local high school, the school board couldn’t have been happier.

Turns out that Potts was actually Artur Samarin, a 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant who quickly needed documentation since he had outstayed his visa. So he used the false identity of Potts, along with a false birthday, and obtained a much-needed social security card and other U.S. documents. He then enrolled in high school.

Things quickly started going downhill when “Potts” was too smart for his own good. He was a candidate in the running for the local Best & Brightest program, but after some fact checking, the program officials weren’t able to confirm claims on his resume. Whoops!

The fake Potts got a little too overzealous when filling out his application and decided to take things a few steps too far, since he had gotten away with a fake identify this long. He claimed to be taking courses at the local University and even said he was a cadet lieutenant in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp and was involved in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Go big or go home I guess!

He even stated he was the runner up for homecoming king, which was actually true, because so many of his classmates looked up to him.

Many school board members were totally shocked when the Best & Brightest program uncovered all of his lies. They thought Samarin was always so “focused and driven” and “a complete gentleman.” No wonder everyone marveled at his maturity. He was 5 years older than everyone else in school!

Samarin was eventually arrested and charged with theft, identity theft and tampering with public records.

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Original article: “I Marveled at his Maturity” Former District Leader Says of Harrisburg Student Facing False Identity Charge

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