Stand With Us and Stand Against Bail Reform

You’re a law abiding citizen, so who cares what happens to the bail bond industry, right? Wrong! “Bail reform” will negatively affect ALL OF US.

The bail reform issue that is sweeping the nation must be stopped, for all of our sake. Those for the bail reform feel the bail system is unjust and that people should be released on their word that they will go to court and finish their case. Let’s be real… this is going to cost us… Us, the law abiding citizens. If a criminal is released with a bail bond, what initiative do they have to go to court? Who is going to go and find them? Currently, bail bond agents do this, in order to keep their bond from going into forfeiture. If commercial bail is abolished, the cost will now lie on government employees who will be PAID to do what bail agents do for FREE right now.

Bail bond agents take responsibility; they protect the state, the victims and the defendants. They make sure their clients go to court, finish their case and that they don’t commit any new laws. Take away bail bond agents, and you take away your rights.

It is imperative that surety bonds remain alive for all of us. Ultimately, if commercial bail dies it will be taxpayers paying to liberate those that are incarcerated and those that are released on a personal recognizance bond… in other words, a get out of jail free card. If this new bail reform movement isn’t thwarted, we assure that tax money will be used to support crime. Worse yet, no one will assure that those that are released will be supervised and no risk assessments will be performed to ensure that these individuals comply and stay out of trouble.

Stand with us and stand against bail reform.