Sheriff Accused of Embezzling Donations Meant for School
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Another crooked cop was discovered when it was uncovered that a recently appointed sheriff had allegedly embezzled about $6,000 in school supplies to support his own election campaign.

That’s a great way for the public to trust who they elect into office!

The new County Sheriff, Kenny David Freeman, 43, was arrested on one count of embezzlement. He apparently distributed the supplies at local events, including a local fair and a campaign booth, to garner support for his upcoming election.

Freeman took charge of the donated school supplies, which were supposed to be delivered, but never reached the schools they were intended for.

An administrative assistant at the Sheriff’s Office had called local Walmarts numerous times to coordinate the donation of school supplies and Walmart contacted the Sheriff’s office before school started this year, to let them know that the donated supplies were available to pick-up.

Walmart even prepared donations for seven area schools, which were all valued at $25,400. The representative from Walmart said they even “gave them extra” since it was the Sheriff’s Office calling for the request and would be picking up the donations.

On the bright side, the donations for 5 of the 7 schools did make it to their intended locations, but about $6,000 of the donations were stolen by Buchanan to use as hand-outs for his own campaign use.

So how did it go so wrong? One of the Walmart employees who had helped out, saw coloring books, lunch boxes, crayons and markers at the Sheriff’s Office booth at the county fair, and recognized the items as things they had just handed over the week before.

Freeman was arrested and transferred to the local jail, with a $2,000 bail bond. Once out on bond, he was able to continue his role as sheriff, since a successful accusation for removal has yet to be filed.

Original article and Image Credit: Nowata County Sheriff Accused of Embezzling School Supplies for Election Campaign

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