Running From the Cops In A Motor Home Might Not Be An Inconspicuous Plan

Eligah Christian, 49, crashed a stolen motor home into numerous Alaska State Patrols cars when they attempted to pull him over. What was he running from? A long list of crimes!

An Alaska State Patrol officer first noticed Mr. Christian and attempted to pull him over, but instead, Christian started driving recklessly and refused to stop. Other troopers used spike strips to ultimately stop the motorhome, but it didn’t come to a complete stop before ramming into the patrol cars as Christian attempted turning around.

What did his original crimes entail? To start with, he had warrants out for his arrest for $100,000 on charges of scheming to defraud, 15 counts of theft, and 21 counts of issuing bad checks. He can now add felony reckless driving and criminal mischief to the long list of charges after his little scheme in Alaska! He remains in jail, which is probably a safe place for him.

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Original article & image credit: Man Driving Motor Home Tries to Flee Cops, Fails



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