Ruby Slippers Stolen 13 Years Ago Are Found
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13 years ago, two ruby slippers were stolen from a museum in Judy Garland’s hometown in Minnesota. Since then, wild tips have been received and lavish rewards have been offered, but it never resulted in the missing ruby slippers.

They were one of several pairs that Garland wore in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz.” Recently, only one of the four pairs whereabouts were known.

However, that all changed when authorities announced that they recovered the slippers! They finally have closure to an Oz-sized search for the most famous pair of shoes in movie history.

While the recovery was made, police are still looking for who was responsible for the theft as the thieves were nowhere to be found. Only bits of broken glass and a single red sequin on the floor remained after the shoes were recovered in Minneapolis.

Over the years, surviving film members pleaded for the return of the slippers and on the 10th anniversary of the theft, an anonymous person even offered a $1 million reward for the ruby reds! A tip led authorities to send divers into a watery quarry over the years in search for the shoes, to no avail.

The slippers’ disappearance was a major blow to the small museum in Garland’s hometown. The museum bills itself as offering the largest collection of Garland and “Wizard of Oz” collectibles.

Everyone is glad that the physical slippers are back where they belong. But don’t worry. At the time of the theft, the ruby red slippers were insured for $1 million!

Original article: Judy Garland’s Stolen Ruby Red Slippers Have Been Found, But The Thief Has Not


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