Robbery Suspect Surrenders After Being Bombarded With Mosquitoes
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A man who ran from police after a robbery was hiding out in the woods and was safe from the cops for the time being. However, he wasn’t safe from all of the mosquitoes and ended up surrendering just to get away from the bugs!

John Wilson led police on a chase after he and another suspect, who hasn’t yet been caught, drove away from a store they had just robbed. He found a way to get out of the car and flee on foot before the police could pin him down.

However, Wilson didn’t know what he was getting into when he headed out into the woods. Due to recent heavy rains and flooding in the area, the mosquitoes were worse than ever and were absolutely flooding him with bites.

The area was so filled with mosquitoes, that even the Chief of Police, who was in on the chase, had to stop to get bug spray on him before continuing with the search.

“That’s the first thing I asked for, if we could get some bug spray on us because it was absolutely crazy,” the Chief said after the suspect surrendered.

After almost an hour in the woods, Wilson couldn’t take it anymore and turned himself into the police on-hand. He could no longer endure all of the mosquito bites he was getting on a constant basis!

“When we handcuffed him, he asked us to wipe his forehead because he had about 15-20 mosquitoes on his forehead at the time,” the police chief later said.

Luckily, the police (well, maybe the million mosquitoes had a bigger role in it) caught the guy!

Wilson was charged with fleeing officers, retail theft and obstructing an officer. All worth it to get away from those blood-sucking mosquitoes!   

Original article: Mosquitoes force Wisconsin Robbery Suspect to Surrender

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