Robbers Ask Neighbors To Help Them Escape Their Crime

Generally, before you break into a store, you have your getaway plan in motion. However, these robbers didn’t think that far ahead and ended up knocking on a neighbor’s door to see if they could get a ride away from the scene of the crime!

The robbers had entered a local grocery store armed with a hammer, where they stole cash and cigarettes. They also hit the store worker in the head.

The criminals ran from the scene, but suddenly realized they were stuck. So they fled to a residential neighborhood about 5 minutes away from the crime and knocked on someone’s door… while still wearing their masks…

Cops were already on the case and saw them immediately, where they were able to arrest two of the criminals without further incident. Unfortunately, one of the criminals was still outstanding and the cops are working to locate him.

Original article: Robbers Try Residents for Lift to Escape Their Crime

Image Copyright: milkos / 123RF Stock Photo