Ohio Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Ferris Wheel

A man and his girlfriend had quite the wild ride on a Ferris wheel in downtown Cincinnati, recently! They also gave quite a few people, including the kids at the park, quite a show!

Police say the couple was caught having sex 150 feet above the ground, in front of children and others who were around them up in the sky.

Michael Mathiesen, 30, and Lauren Wilder, 31, were drunk at the time and were immediately arrested once they got to the bottom of the ride.

A reporter who happened to be there actually caught part of the arrest slip of Mathiesen, which stated, “Mr. Methisen engaged in sexual intercourse in a public place (sky wheel fairest wheel) while intoxicated.”

Mathisen was a little too drunk to be released, so he ended up spending the night in jail on a disorderly conduct while intoxicated charge. Wilder, however, was released on her own recognizance on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The attraction may be the largest portable observation wheel in North America, but that doesn’t mean you’re invisible!

Next time, just get a room, folks!

Original article and Image Credit: Ohio Couple Accused of Having Sex on Giant Spinning Ferris Wheel