Officer Reports His Gun Was Stolen… by Strippers
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A police officer in Boston is in big trouble and has found himself on a little paid vacation while he faces an internal affairs investigation after a little trip to a local strip club. Why? Because two of the strippers managed to steal his gun!

While the officer’s name has yet to be released, it has been reported that his gun was stolen from a parked car at a Hampton Inn during the middle of the night.

The gun was a Glock 22 that was proven to be owned by the Boston Police Department. It was said to be locked in the glove box of the officer’s BMW.

The officer had gone to the Hampton Inn to meet “Natalia,” who in real life is named Neish Rivera. They had been exchanging messages through Instagram and she was one of three exostic dancers who were arrested for prostitution at a local strip club a couple months ago.

After they met at the hotel bar, Rivera’s friend, Melissa Dacier, also met them and they headed off to the strip club. They spent a couple hours with the local entertainment and then the trio headed back to the Hampton Inn.

Soon, the women got into a separate fight with a man and a woman. After getting the women away from the altercation, the officer took them to his room, but Dacier said she needed a phone charger. The officer offered her his car keys so she could go retrieve the charger he had in there. When she came back, she stepped out to make a phone call.

Soon after, Rivera said she also needed to step out. You can guess what happened next…

The officer walked to the lobby when they didn’t return, but could not find either of the women. He headed over to his car and soon realized that his gun had went missing. The glove box was open and the cable lock that was used to secure it was on the seat of his car. He knew he was in trouble!

Rivera, 25, was soon arrested on a warrant for larceny of a firearm and conspiracy, where she had bail set at $5,000. Dacier, 22, was also arrested on charges of larceny of a firearm, conspiracy and failure to report for a summons in an unrelated incident. Her bail was also set at $5,000.

Looks like this police officer learned his lesson the hard way when it comes to meeting strange women at a hotel on a random night! It’s just NOT a good idea!

Original article and Image Credit: Strippers, an Argument, a Stolen Gun: Boston Officer’s Night Out Triggers Internal Probe

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