Naked Woman Causes Traffic Jam on Highway 290

If you were on US-290 in Texas recently, you may have been involved in a stand still that you weren’t prepared for. No, there wasn’t an accident. There was just a naked woman dancing on top of a semi that turned into a bizarre standoff. This lady definitely did not have a case of the Mondays!

Lanes were shut down for over 2 hours while the woman entertained the stranded drivers stuck on the interstate because of her shenanigans. She was twerking and gyrating like the best of them!

A volunteer firefighter who responded to the call says it’s definitely one he’ll never forget! Police and the firefighters used ladders to try to get the 25-year-old exhibitionist down, but she was having none of it. She cursed at them and refused to move a muscle the entire time… except for dancing, of course.

They were finally forced to jump on top of the semi to wrestle her down into the ladder bucket of the fire truck.

Turns out she had caused a wreck right before stripping off all of her clothes and causing quite the scene. There was accident involving three cars, one of which the woman was driving.

Witnesses claimed that most of the time, the woman wasn’t making a lot of sense. She would be really quiet and then have loud outbursts about how the FBI and CIA were after her. She was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation and drug screen.

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Original article: Naked Dancing Woman Shuts Down Highway 290

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