Mom Gets Even With Daughter’s Bullies By Throwing Spices At Them
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A woman was arrested for defending her daughter against some local bullies. What did she do? She threw spice powder at the kids! That’ll teach ‘em.

Simmone Lavern James, 46, found out that her daughter was being bullied at her elementary school and she had simply had enough. She headed over to the school and threw power at two of the students who had supposedly bullied her daughter and walked away.

Police were called and James was arrested on two counts each of child abuse and battery and was banned from the school campus after throwing a mixture of salt and cayenne pepper into the faces of 8-year-old and 11-year-old girls.

Witnesses said they saw James pointing at a girl’s face in the parking lot before another girl entered the front office with James following quickly behind her. “Take care of these kids. They did it again,” James reportedly told staff in the school office.

Investigators found out that James had reported that the girls had repeatedly bullied her daughter and she had already reported the bullying to school administration, who had yet to do anything about it.

Unfortunately, the school claimed that it was an extensive process that required action plans and they needed to make sure there was repeated behavior and an imbalance of power to establish that bullying had occurred.

The school had been working on an action plan, but in the meantime, bullying continued and mom decided to take matters into her own hands. Honestly, we can’t say we blame her!

Original article: Florida Mom Accused of Throwing Spices At Girls She Claims Bullied Her Daughter

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