Mom Claims Her Kids Were Kidnapped; Arrested for Meth Instead
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A woman initially claimed her two children had been kidnapped, but when police got on the scene and checked things out, she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and false 911 calls instead. The children were found safe and sound and it turns out she was just too high to remember where they were. Oops!

Brock originally called 911 to report that her two children, ages two and five, had gone missing from her car at a gas station. She said she believed a semi in the gas station that just departed had them and she was frantic that they be found.

All cops were on the lookout for for the semi-truck. However, once police started interviewing Brock, they quickly noticed that she displayed several signs that she was under the influence of an illegal substance. A review of security footage also showed that there were no children in her car when she got to the gas station in the first place.

Brock was unable to provide consistent information about her travel plans, or even what her children were wearing at the time when she found them to be missing.

An officer went to the children’s father’s home, where the kids were found safe and they had been all day long. However, when the police presented Brock with the good news, she stated that those children were imposters and there was no way it was true. Oh man…

Brock was arrested and placed in the police car, and while she was being transported to jail, Brock claimed to see the kids under other vehicles.

Misty Michelle Brock, 39, was charged with possession of paraphernalia, resisting an officer without violence, making a false report to law enforcement and possession of methamphetamine.

Original article: Woman Arrested for Meth After Claiming Children Are Missing
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