Man Who Tried to Save Deer Now Faces Fine
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This poor guy had nothing but good intentions to save a buck recently, but now he faces a fine for harboring an animal.

John Stoll Jr., 54, was leaving his house near a lake when a friend told him that several deer had fallen through the ice on the lake and were stuck in the freezing water.

When Stoll arrived, many of the deer had gotten themselves out and made it across the lake, but one had drowned and another was still stuck.

The buck remained in the frigid water for hours before Stoll was finally able to help pull it onto a bank by rescuers and the fire department. It was trembling and cold and he offered to take the deer home to try to get him warmed up. “Nobody said I couldn’t take it,” Stoll said.

The good samaritan called his wife and got help loading the poor buck into his work truck. He then headed back home to his garage to work on getting the buck’s body temperature back up.

Stoll and his stepsons are seen aiding the buck in a series of Facebook videos by trying to keep it warm with blankets and petting the deer to calm it down.

They even had a following that grew on Facebook and wanted to be given regular updates on the deer’s status.

The buck seemed to finally be doing better and things were looking up, when it took a turn for the worse. The deer died about 24 hours after Stoll had rescued it. “We were so devastated that he didn’t make it,” Stoll said.

Things got worse fast, though. The next day, a Game Warden told him he would be fined for taking and keeping the deer in his garage. The officer claimed Stoll should have left the deer where it was until the Game Commission could have assessed the buck during the rescue two days prior. Then, it would have been decided whether they’d leave the deer on its own or euthanize it.

Stoll now faces two fines, one which could be up to $800. Obviously, he is frustrated that something wasn’t said sooner when it was clear that Stoll was taking the deer to try and save it’s life. He claimed he even asked if it would be okay to do so.

Right now, the Game Commission said the incident remains under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.   

Original article and Image Credit: He Tried to Save Deer Stuck in Frigid Lake, Now He Faces Fines for Caring for It In Garage

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