Man Walks Into Random House Without Pants, Wearing Heels

Someone invading your home is scary enough, but add to that a stranger with no pants and a pair of heels probably makes it even more frightening!

The man walked in wearing only black high heels and a tight black t-shirt. Surprise!

Justin Paul Christodoro, 39, a respectable attorney in town, no less, walked in yelling, “I’m here!” Funny enough, he didn’t even offer an explanation as to why he chose that particular house!

Hours later, he was found sleeping in his car, which was parked in the driveway of another stranger’s home, still in his heels.

After police woke him up, they found a plastic bag of ecstasy in the car. He was issued a summons by the cops for criminal trespass, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, lewdness and a motor vehicle violation for blocking a driveway.

He’s due in court shortly and hopefully he will show up with all of his clothes on.

Original article: Pantless Man in Heels Barges Into Random Home
Image Copyright: milkos / 123RF Stock Photo