Man Turns Himself In For Killing Best Friend… His IMAGINARY Best Friend

Hmmm… Geoff Gaylord, 37, just couldn’t take it anymore. He went to the Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office and finally confessed to the crime that had been eating him alive. He killed his IMAGINARY Best Friend, Mr. Happy. Imagine the police officer’s surprise!

Mr. Gaylord was extremely remorseful when he told officers he stabbed his friend with a kitchen knife, cut up his body with a hatchet, and buried Mr. Happy in the backyard. His desired punishment? The death penalty!

Mr. Happy and Mr. Gaylord had been friends for 7 years, but had been having some troubling times, as of late. For one, Mr. Happy was very messy and never picked up after himself. He also had a bad drug habit. And finally, Mr. Happy crashed poor Mr. Gaylord’s car recently after they had been out celebrating Mr. Happy’s birthday at Hooters. Mr. Gaylord just couldn’t forgive him when he was arrested for the incident by mistake and was charged with drunk driving.

In hindsight, Mr. Gaylord wishes they have started counseling, but instead, he killed his best friend. He insisted he be punished right away! For the record, the police stated that Mr. Gaylord was very drunk at the sheriff’s office and ended up threatening to kill the cops when they didn’t immediately arrest him for Mr. Happy’s murder.

After searching Mr. Gaylord’s house with a search warrant, the police found drug paraphernalia and a machine gun. Poor Mr. Gaylord ended up being arrested and booked on multiple charges, none of which were murder. At least he’s behind bars now and won’t harm any other “friends”…

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Original article and image credit: Florida Man Turns Himself In For Murdering Imaginary Friend


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