Man Taunts Cops by Doing Donuts With a Beer in Hand
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We’re not sure someone could be more stupid than this man who thought it would be a good idea to taunt cops on his four-wheeler, with a beer in his hand.

Police attempted to do a traffic stop on three trucks that were driving on a county maintained road. Two of the three stopped, while a third fled.

The white male who was driving the third four-wheeler soon returned to the traffic stop, but starting teasing the cops by driving in circles in the middle of the road. He even started shouting, “Come and get me!”

For real? Additional cops arrived to the scene and followed the four-wheeler, who continued to swerve around cop cars with a beer in his hand, yelling as he went by.

The police eventually found him at a residence nearby, where the four-wheeler was sitting out in the driveway. Goodness, buddy, at least have the good sense to put your wanted truck in the garage!

As you can imagine, Aaron Keith Clark, 24, was arrested and taken into custody. Clark told police that he didn’t remember the incident due to being intoxicated. He also didn’t remember almost hitting a patrol car or running from the police. Convenient!

While he was apologetic for the incident, he was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, along with reckless driving. He was transported and booked into the local jail.

Original article: “Come and Get Me!” Man Arrested After Doing Donuts in Front of Deputy with Beer in Hand
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