Man Steals Beer Truck, Leads Cops on Highway Chase

This guy didn’t have much to lose when he took cops on a high speed chase. A homeless man was only dressed in American flag shorts when he decided to steal a truck full of beer.

Matt Hermsmeyer, 46, was charged with suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, priors for auto theft, resisting arrest and violation of his probation. At least he had a place to sleep that night.

Turns out a Coors truck driver was in the middle of making a delivery to a liquor store when a customer ran into the store to tell him a man had climbed into his delivery truck and took off.

When the cops got there, they got a pretty vivid description of the man – he was dressed only in red, white and blue shorts!

Luckily, there was a GPS system inside the truck, which led cops to the man’s exact location within minutes. As soon as he was seen, however, he fled on foot, abandoning the beer truck.

The man ran across Highway 101 in Santa Rosa, jumped over a divider and fled into the brush along the road. He was caught within the hour, though, where he was simply hiding out in the bushes waiting for things to die down.

No free beer for this guy anytime soon!

Original article: Man Arrested for Swiping Beer Truck, Leading Police on Highway Chase

image credit: Santa Rosa Police