Man Shoots Annoying Smoke Detector with Shotgun

Nobody likes an annoying sounds, but this man REALLY hated his smoke detector! A man in Vermont was fed up with his smoke detector going off in his office, so he decided to use a shotgun to silence it once and for all. Sounds reasonable to us!

Leroy Mason, 68, had complained repeatedly about the frequent false alarms from his smoke detector and was upset that the fire crews and his apartment manager wouldn’t fix or relocate it. So, logically, he decided to “take it upon himself to relocate the smoke detector, and shot it with the shotgun.” He fired two shots from his 20-gauge shotgun, which ended up hitting the adjoining wall of an occupied apartment. That’s one way to silence it!

Police arrived and took the shotgun from Mason, who then pointed a different handgun at them while demanding that they return his shotgun! Scary!

The cops ended up being able to disarm Mason, and he was arrested and taken to the local jail.

Original article: Man Shoots Annoying Kitchen Smoke Detector With Shotgun

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