Man Robs Woman at ATM, But Returns Her Cash When He Sees Her Empty Bank Balance
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This knife-wielding Chinese man turned out to be the “world’s kindest crook” recently when he initially attempted to rob a woman at an ATM in China. Imagine the woman’s surprise when he ended up giving all of her money back!

Evidently, the robber caught a glimpse of the woman’s bank balance and realized that she didn’t have any money and the account was actually empty. He felt like such a tool for taking her last dollars that he gave it all back to her and fled the scene.

Ms Li, the woman who initially was robbed, made a late-night trip to the ATM where she withdrew about $500. Closed circuit footage showed the robber coming up behind her, holding a small knife.

After Ms Li handed over the cash, the man also demanded to check her bank balance to see if she would be able to withdraw any additional cash for him.

“At the time, I felt that as long as he didn’t hurt me, I was willing to give him everything,” Ms Li said.

Soon, though, the robber realized that the balance was now zero, so he simply smiled, handed her back the cash and was seen walking away from the bank while checking his cell phone.

While it may have been viewed as a kind gesture, local police quickly found him and arrested him two days later. He remains in police custody.     

Original article and Image Credit: Chinese Man Robs Woman at ATM, But Returns Her Cash When He Sees Her Empty Bank Balance 

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