Man Poops in Holes of Norwegian Golf Course

Well here is one you don’t hear of everyday. Or ever! The groundskeeper at a Norwegian golf course is mystified by the person who keeps sneaking on the course to poop in the holes!

Even more strange? It’s been happening since 2005! Kenneth Tennfjord, groundskeeper at Stavanger Golf Club, has been finding human feces and toilet paper in the holes for the last decade! And he swears it must be from a man, because “the poos are too massive to be from a woman.” Ha!

Evidently the mystery man prefers certain holes and it only happens on weekdays. The director of the club also states that the person used to arrive by bike because in the early morning dew, they’d find bicycle tracks on the course.

The golf course eventually installed high-powered spotlights to discourage the behavior, but the pooper has managed to disable them when he stops by!

“He climbed up a tree next to the lights and wriggled far out on a branch and dismantled the spotlights. How he managed the feat without electrocuting himself or falling is a riddle,”  Tennfjord said.

The motive is still unknown and it’s become a bit of a guessing game as to why this person might be targeting the golf course.

Maybe he hates the game of golf?!

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Read the full article here: Mystery Pooper Targeting Holes of Norwegian Golf Course



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