Man May Be Dog’s Hero But Not In The Eyes Of The Law

A man, also a military veteran who served in Desert Storm, saved the life of an overheated dog recently who was stuck in a hot car. It’s given him lots of attention, however, especially after he got arrested after doing his good deed!

Michael Hammons was standing outside a car with a group of people outside of a shopping center recently, trying to figure out a way to save the dog who was locked up inside in the sweltering heat. He finally took it upon himself to knock out the window with a metal object, rescued the dog from the car and took it to a shaded area and gave it water.

While many are calling him a hero, the police thought different. He has been charged with trespassing! Evidently, state law permits breaking a window for a human inside of a hot car, but not for an animal. Luckily, the dog’s owner has also been cited with leaving the dog in the car, as well.

The eyes of the law may not view him as a hero, but we’re sure this poor little dog sure does!

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Original article & image credit: Guy Saves Dog From Hot Car, Gets Arrested

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