Man Goes to Extremes to Make Flight, Ends up in Jail
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Generally, if you’re going to miss your flight, it’s a major bummer but one you have to live with. Not this guy! He was worried he was going to miss his flight so he just called in a bomb threat in hopes of delaying the flight.

When Dana Carter, 40, realized he was going to miss his flight, he called the airport and reported a suspicious man hanging out in the waiting area. He didn’t know, however, that the airport saw who was making the call and found out the number was registered to Carter.

He wasn’t done yet, though! 21 minutes before the scheduled departure time, the airport got another call reporting that there was a bomb on the flight Carter was attempting to make. At the time, he was still 15-20 minutes away from the airport and never would have made his flight.

United cancelled the flight after the call and searched the plane, while the airport confirmed it was Carter’s number. When police found him, he acknowledged to making the false threats. Carter was arrested and has now been sentenced to four months in jail. The good news? He only has to service his sentence on weekends! Even better news for Carter? He wasn’t arrested until after he made another flight! The airline rebooked most of the other passengers on other flights that left within two hours and Carter was able to make it on that one before he was busted.

Because of his weekend sentence, it will take him a little over 60 weeks to actually complete the sentence, but at least he won’t be stuck in jail. Once he finishes his sentence, he will also be on home detention for a period of time, too. He’s also liable for $7,748 in restitution to United over the cancelled flight. Hope it was worth making it to his destination!

Original article: He Phoned In A Bomb Threat To Delay A Flight He Was About to Miss. Now He’s Grounded For 60 Weekends.

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