Man Gets 15 Years in Jail for Ramming Cars to Escape Zombies
18 Dec, 2018. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

It’s not everyday you get to witness someone losing their mind over an upcoming “zombie apocolypse,” but that’s what happened to the people in the parking lot of a Walmart recently!

Shaun Michael Stroud, 32, got into a little it of trouble after he rammed random cards with a front-end loader in the Walmart parking lot. Evidently, he thought the world was ending and told the police he swore zombies were chasing him. Because of these hallucinations, he got in the front-end loader from a business down the road and drove it to Walmart, where he was sure the zombies were still coming after him.

He first rammed into a trailer in the Walmart parking lot by the garden center before doing more damage to vehicles surrounding him.

“This is once again a reminder of how illegal drugs in our community not only impact the person who uses them, but also put property and lives in danger,” the DA said. “Thankfully, the quick response of the police limited the damage.”

Stroud was arrested and pled guilty in court. Charges included aggravated assault, grand larceny and malicious mischief. He now will be spending 15 years in prison and also must pay $41,000 in restitution, along with serving five years on post-release supervision. We don’t think he has to worry about those zombies anytime soon.

Original article and Image Credit: Kiln Man Who Feared Zombie Apocalypse Going to Prison for Ramming Cars Outside Walmart

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