Man Faked His Own Death and put Clothes on Stand-in Corpse for Scam
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You just never know the lengths people will go to in order to avoid going to jail! For example, this man used “substantial resourcefulness and cunning” in faking his own death years ago along an Eastern European roadside in order to risk prison in the U.S.

Igor Vorotinov, 54, remains in jail awaiting trial as a judge rejected his effort to be released, due to his past actions and the fact that he was an extreme flight risk. Therefore, he remains in jail as his $2 million insurance fraud case continues in court.

Vorotinov pleaded not guilty, but we’re not sure exactly how he thinks he’s innocent after hearing the details of this story!

Vorotinov was living in Maldova, when he was indicted in February 2015 on one count of mail fraud. He was arrested and extradited to the United States three days later.

However, he made his way back over to Maldova, where he arranged for a stand-in corpse to be dressed in his clothes. His identification documents were planted on the corpse, as well, before placing the body along a roadside in the Modovan village of Cojusna. Not a bad idea actually…

His ex-wife, Erina Vorotinov, along with their adult son, Alkon, went to Moldova to identify the body and had the corpse cremated. She returned to the U.S. with the ashes and death certificate in her hand. It’s still a mystery as to whose corpse the scam actually used.

Soon after, the death insurance payout was made and money started moving among the Vorotinovs and authorities figured out it had been a big scam and Igor still remained in Moldova.

Prosecutors spoke with Igor in May 2016, in hopes of persuading him to return, but he replied he’d rather remain with his current girlfriend in Moldova instead. Soon, however, there was another request for extradition and Igor Vorotinov was arrested in December 2017 and turned over to Moldovan authorities.

He wasn’t going down without a fight, though! He asked the United Nations for asylum and was freed from Moldovan custody, pending appeal of the extradition order. He jumped on the opportunity and slipped back into the Moldovan countryside and missed three court dates concerning his extradition order.

Recently, however, it all came crashing down. Moldovan officials ordered Vorotinov’s extradition back to the U.S. He was arrested and brought back to the United States.

His ex, who was in on the scheme to begin with, was sentenced two years ago to three-plus years in prison for her role. His son, also pleaded guilty to concealing a felony and was sentenced to three years’ probation and 300 hours of community service.

Let’s see if he finally gets what is coming to him. And hopefully they can figure out who exactly was cremated in Moldova so long ago!  

Original article and Image Credit: Twin Cities Man Faked Death in $2M Scheme by Putting His Clothes, ID on Body

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