Man Escapes Police, Then a Shark

A man in North Carolina thought he’d be smart and run into the ocean to hide from the cops. Who wouldn’t think swimming away in the OCEAN would be a great way to get away?

Zachary Kingsbury, 20, was pulled over by the cops and had illegal contraband inside the vehicle. When the police asked him to step out of the car, he got out, ran and started swimming into the ocean to get away from them.

The police deployed a drone to keep an eye on where Kingsbury was headed. They could also clearly see a shark swimming in the video, right by him. He quickly learned he probably would have been better off facing the police than facing a shark.

The Coast Guard was called over and aided in the operation to rescue Kingsbury and was quickly taken into custody after they pulled him out of the ocean.

Kingsbury was taken to jail and is facing several drug-related charges.

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Original Post: Shark Spotted Swimming Near Man Trying to Elude Police

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