Man Complains About Getting Scammed Over Prostitution

This guy thought he was being nice by offering to pay for sex, but instead, he got scammed out of $500 AND got a trip to jail!

When the 50-year-old man called the police to complain that he got scammed out of the $500, they were surprised to hear him admit it. It didn’t take long for the cops to remind him that prostitution is illegal in the state of Florida!

Jon Omer Sengul called from the local Days Inn Motel and told police he paid $500 to the group of people in the room next door. He expected that one of the individuals was going to come over to his room to have sexual relations, but it never happened.

After that, the cops came over and took him to the local jail for a nice little stay for the evening after arresting him for solicitation of prostitution, which also wasn’t on his itinerary.

Maybe next time, think about what you’re doing before calling the police to complain!

Original article and Image Credit: Man Calls 911, Claims He Paid For Sex But Got Scammed