Man Charged With Identity Theft After Finding Victim’s Wallet in Fanny Pack
13 Feb, 2019. 0 Comments. Blog News. Posted By: admin

If you’re going to attempt to steal someone’s identity, you should probably make sure that person actually looks something like you!

Julian R. Mitchell, 20, attempted to use someone else’s debit card at a Nashville bar. Unfortunately for him, the bartender knew right away something was up because the card was flagged as being lost or stolen.

Mitchell was asked for his ID and handed over a driver’s license that was “plainly obvious” that it wasn’t actually him, due to a large discrepancy in height. Two strikes!

Police were called over and Mitchell suddenly denied using the stolen driver’s license, as well as the debit card, but when the police searched him, they found the victim’s wallet in Mitchell’s… wait for it… fanny pack!

Mitchell was arrested and is now being held on a $25,000 bond. Police also ended up recovering several cards belonging to the victim. He clearly didn’t think this one through!

Original article and Image Credit: National Man Charged With Identity Theft, Kept Victim’s Wallet in Fanny Pack

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