Man Bought TV with Stolen Credit Card, Injured Back Hanging It

It’s always nice to hear when someone gets a nice chunk of karma thrown their way. Police found a man in a Florida rehab center, where he said he was recovering from back surgery. They weren’t too interested about his injury, though, because they were there to show him surveillance of him buying $1,823 worth of items using credit cards he had stolen from his landlord.

One of those items was a television that he mounted on his bedroom wall. Doing so, he hurt his back and ultimately had to have surgery. There’s the karma!

Shapiro, 56, was booked into the local jail and charged with fraud, dealing in stolen property, grand theft and illegal use of credit cards. He remains in jail in lieu of $21,000 bond.

His landlord, a 60-year-old woman, had been renting a bedroom inside her home to Shapiro for the last 6 months. She said she’d also arranged for him to watch her home when she was traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2017, where she left some of her credit cards in a drawer in the kitchen.

The fraud department at Best Buy called about “suspicious purchases” on her store credit card and she also found several pieces of jewelry missing from her home. Turns out she got a similar call from Home Depot, where several power tools were purchased, as well.

Police later determined that Shapiro pawned a 14-karat ring that the woman claimed was a family heirloom, for $100.

The woman put two and two together and informed the police that Shapiro was at a local Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. When they paid him a visit, he admitted to the crimes and the cops were able to recover the TV, along with speakers and a folding table from his landlord’s home.

“Totally violated. And for months it’s totally changed my life. I’ve lost trust,” the victim stated.

It wasn’t Shapiro’s first run in with the law. He was arrested back in 2005 and 2010 for writing worthless changes of $800 and $5,000, respectively. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation for one of the arrests, but the charges from 2010 were dropped. He has also been involved in numerous cases in Connecticut, Arizona and California. Maybe this guy should drop out of crime and give mounting TVs a try.

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