Man Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine into U.S. with Neck Pillow
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A man from the Dominican Republic won’t be resting easy anytime soon after his attempt to smuggle more than 6 pounds of cocaine into the United States.

Rafael Francisco Bautista Perdomo, 21, was one of two people arrested at the Newark airport after the Customs and Border Protection officers found the cocaine sewn inside each of their neck pillows. It definitely didn’t feel like fluff was in there!

Perdomo was represented by the Federal Public Defender’s Office and pleaded guilty to the charges of drug conspiracy. The charge carries a potential sentence of up to 40 years in prison, facing a mandatory five years no matter what.

Perdomo was stopped at the baggage screening checkpoints after arriving from Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, along with his co-defendant.

Once the drugs were found, he was held in federal custody. He admitted to agreeing to smuggle the drugs to the U.S. in exchange for $10,000. He is set to be formally sentenced in December.

Original article: Airline Passenger Admits Arriving in New Jersey With Neck Pillow Full of Cocaine

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