Man Accused of Eating LSU Student’s Pet Fish, Arrested Two Years Later
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I think everyone remembers this VERY strange case about a man who ate his ex-girlfriend’s pet fish inside her LSU dorm room. Well, after two years, the sushi fan has been arrested.

Let’s recap… based on information, it seems that the victim allowed her ex-boyfriend, Maxwell Taffin, and two of his friends to stay at her dorm during the weekend of the LSU vs Ole Miss football game back in 2016.

When the weekend was over, one of the friends went to get his belongings in the dorm room, while telling the victim that she should “check her fish tank” before he hurried away.

When she did go to check on her fish, she noticed that one was missing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also received a test from her Taffin with a picture she received, which showed feces in a toilet, accompanies by the words, “Found your Fish.” What in the world?!?!

LSU police ended up speaking to Taffin, who was 18 years old at the time, and he quickly admitted to swallowing the fish. “Yeah, I’ll be honest with you. I ate the fish,” he said, according to an affidavit.

However, he wouldn’t immediately claim responsibility for the text that was sent, saying that “a lot of people” use his phone because it wasn’t password-protected. Right…

Police asked him to appear at the police station for a criminal summons, but he failed to do so. However, they  finally were able to arrest him recently. He is now 21-years-old and has been booked on charges of cruelty to animals and improper telephone communications. No more sushi for this guy!

Original article and Image Credit: Man Accused of Eating LSU Student’s Pet Fish, Arrested Two Years Later

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