Local Radio Host Involved in Road Rage Incident, Used Tomahawk on Other Driver
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A local DJ was shot in a road rage incident recently, but was also arrested for attacking another driver with a tomahawk!

Police were called to the scene for a person that was shot and found Jeff Styles, 57, suffering from a gunshot wound to his right arm. He told police that he went into “red mode” after he and another vehicle stopped at the same red light. He claimed he completely blacked out after getting his tomahawk and approached the other vehicle.

The other driver, Nick Bullington, 35, called police and he told the police that him and Styles had gotten into a road rage incident. He claimed that when he reached a red light, he stopped and, for whatever reason, that seemed to trigger Styles. The next thing he knew, Styles started waving his tomahawk in the air and approached his car. Once he reached the door, he swung the tomahawk, breaking through the window.

Bullington was further interviewed by the police, where he claimed that Styles was driving very aggressively. Bullington attempted to slow down to create some distance from the vehicle, but they came back together at the red light intersection.

Because he was in fear for his life, he grabbed the pistol he had in his car and fired one round at Styles. He then immediately left to find a safe place to call the cops.

Witnesses collaborated Bullington’s story before Styles was eventually arrested.

Sounds like Jeff “Tomahawk” Styles will have quite the stories to tell IF he gets back on the radio!

Original article: Radio Host Jeff Styles Arrested in Road Rage Incident; Said He Went Into “Red Mode” And Blacked Out During Tomahawk Attack On Other Driver

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