Judge Sentences Man to ‘Pepsi Deprivation Syndrome’

An eye-for-an-eye from this judge! A man was recently caught driving to the store in a stolen car to buy a Pepsi, so what is his punishment? He no longer gets to drink Pepsi!

Christopher Montilliano, Jr., 21, was sentenced by Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo recently after he pleaded no contest to unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, along with driving without a license.

Imagine his surprise when he heard the final sentence handed down! Evidently, when he was originally arrested, he “told various fibs, various lies” and that didn’t sit well with Judge Loo at all!

Originally, he said it was his cousin’s car and he was allowed to drive the car and he was headed to the local store. However, he was already at a gas station that sold Pepsi, and for some reason, he didn’t bother going in to get a Pepsi there. The judge thought that was strange!

“You didn’t want to admit that you actually stole the vehicle. Is it because the “soda made you do it”? I’ve heard a lot of people addicted to meth. Alcohol. But this is the first time I’ve heard of someone being addicted to Pepsi! I’m pretty sure the soda didn’t make you steal this vehicle,” the judge said.

In addition to no longer being able to drink Pepsi, Montilliano spent seven days in jail after the arrest and it was recommended he only be held on probation with no additional jail. But he managed to screw that up, too!

He didn’t show up for his original sentencing date a few months ago, so he ended up being found and arrested, where he spent another three months in jail before finally being sentenced. Not very smart!

It seems like he may have learned his lesson, though, because he told the judge, “I’m not going to steal cars anymore. I don’t want to be in jail anymore.” He may just have learned the importance of complying with the law after that additional time he got to spend in jail!

We will see if we see this clown in front of this judge again anytime soon. Montilliano says he is going to go get a job now and will need to perform 100 hours of community service, along with paying a $100 fine.

Hopefully he discovers he has a love for water just as much as soda!  

Original article and Image Credit: No Hard Time for Soft Drink Excuse