El Paso Jail: Jail Annex


Jail Annex (EPCJA)

The El Paso County Jail Annex
12501 E. Montana
El Paso, TX 79938
Sheriff’s Office: 915-546-2280
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The County Jail Annex was opened in late 1997- as part of the Leo Samaniego Law Enforcement Complex. The Jail Annex is “campus style” podular/modular design. It contains twelve “pods.” Each pod consists of cells surrounding a central control / guard station. A series of four pods comprise a module / unit. There are currently three modules / units in operation however there is space on-site for expansion as the need arises. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of confrontations between inmates, the facility is designed to minimize inmate movement. Most services are delivered to the inmate, including, educational programs, ministry programs, distribution of prescribed medicines, commissary, meals served from our full service kitchen, laundry, and leisure library. Centralized services include medical clinic, and computerized law library.

The rated capacity is 1,450. The security / custody level is rated at maximum.

The Annex is also responsible for the transportation of inmates between facilities, as well as the Texas Department of Correction (TDC) and other correctional facilities within the state.
Like the Downtown Jail, the Annex also has an operational design concept to receive unclassified persons, hold pretrial and convicted persons, and allow for processing, classifying and releasing persons at all times.

Programs and Services
There are a variety of services and programs available to our inmate population to include but not limited to twenty-four hour medical services, adult educational programs such as GED and ESL, Religious Programs, Work Programs, and Commissary.

Visiting Hours
The visitation schedule for the Jail Annex Bureau is:
From 0800 to 1100 hrs – odd pods
From 1800 to 2100 hrs – even pods
From 0800 to 1100 hrs – even pods
From 1800 to 2100 hrs – odd pods
Visitors must be 17 year of age or older.
Children 16 years of age or younger may visit you on the 1st weekend of the month and designated on holidays. An adult must accompany them.
Children’s Visitation, individuals under 17, may visit on the first Saturday/Sunday of the month during the morning visitation.
Children’s Visitation will be during the morning and evening sessions on:
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day

Important Phone Numbers:
Jail Annex Bureau Administrative Information: 856-4802
Bail Bond Information: 800-727-2818

El Paso County Jail Annex Website

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