Inmates Get Drunk on Hand Sanitizer, Escape From Jail on ATV
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Two jail inmates got a little tipsy off the alcohol from hand sanitizer, escaped from custody and went on quite the joyride on a stolen ATV. That sounds like quite an adventurous afternoon!

Christopher G. Turre, 30, and Shawn D. McCallister, 34, were part of a four-inmate work crew that were cleaning up the property of an animal rescue ranch. They decided they were going to drink the sanitizer that was found in the jail van and soon found themselves a little buzzed! So stealing the sheriff’s four-wheeler and breaking through the ranch entrance to freedom sounded like a pretty good idea to them at the time! What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?!

It’s still unclear exactly how much hand sanitizer the men had to drink in order to get drunk. Hand sanitizer typically has 45% to 95% alcohol, however, while beer contains a measly 5-10%. It definitely worked!

The officer who was in charge of supervising the work crew realized that the two were missing mid-day, and realized that the gate had been forced open. Down the road, a resident called 911 and reported seeing the duo speeding in the area on the ATV, and riding in circles, kicking up dirt.

The two were found about a half hour later. One was found still on the ATV, while the other was trying to hide in the nearby field.

Turre had recently been sentenced to 100 days in jail for driving under the influence and fourth-degree assault. His driver’s license was also suspended for life. He now will face an additional charge of first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree escape and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

McCallister was driving the ATV and was in the middle of serving a 90-day jail sentence after being convicted of first-degree theft, heroin possession, reckless endangerment and driving while suspended. He now faces additional charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants, attempt to elude, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and driving while suspended.

Hopefully their little joyride will get them through their soon-to-be extended sentence!

Original article and Image Credit: Oregon Jail Inmates Drunk on Hand Sanitizer Escape Work Crew on ATV

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